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May 2016 Taitien acquires the assets of Cardinal
Jun 2015 CJ now in 2.5x2.0mm
Jul 2014 The addition of JAMECO ELECTRONICS as an Authorized Distributor
Mar 2014 ISO/TS 16949:2009
Sep 2013 Sensible Micro Corporation
Sep 2013 Real Time Plus
Aug 2013 CJ Series
May 2013 CX Crystals
Jan 2013 CPW Oscillator Series
Nov 2012 Solid State Batteries
Oct 2012 CC325 Oscillator
Oct 2012 CWFC 32kHz Oscillator
Sep 2012 CPS SMT 32kHz Crystal
Aug 2012 Anti-Counterfeit Oscillators
Aug 2012 CTQ TCXOs
Jun 2012 ISO 9001:2008
Mar 2012 Real Time Clock
Nov 2011 TCXO - 800 MHz
May 2011 CPPM Series
Feb 2011 Cardinal Components Inc. New India Location
Jan 2011 Spread Spectrum CSSC
Jun 2009 Programmable TCXO
Oct 2008 Programmable Timing Products Solve Design Problems
Mar 2005 New Programmables Take Bugs Outta Jitter, Delay Outta Delivery, and Send Heebie-Jeebies Back to Big Easy.
Jan 2005 Cardinal Components Inc. announces its latest distribution partnership with Dependable Component Supply.
Nov 2004 Cardinal Components, Inc., is introducing another unique and valuable device to the electronics industry.
Sep 2004 Cardinal Components, Inc. is introducing an enhanced version the PG3000 programmer.
Jun 2004 Programmable LVDS and LVPECL Oscillators Available from Stock.
Sep 2001 Cardinal Components Inc. Expands Distribution Network with the Addition of Digi-Key Corporation.
Sep 2001 Cardinal Components Inc. Unveils the Plastic Field Programmable—Plastic FIPO II—CPP-8.
Aug 2001 PG-3000---the Standard of the Future in Field Programming.
Aug 2001 Cardinal Components, Inc. , Unveils the “Dual FIPO,” the World’s First Dual Switchable on -The- Fly Field Instantly Programmable Oscillator (FIPO)— (CPPD Series).
Aug 2001 Cardinal Components Inc. Introduces its Latest Innovation in Fiber Optic Oscillators—the CC155.
Jun 2001 Cardinal Components Inc. Introduces a Surface Mount 5 X 7 mm VCXO Targeting Wireless Applications.
Jun 2001 Cardinal Components Inc. Introduces a Surface Mount 5 X 7 mm TCXO.
Jun 2001 Cardinal Components Inc. Introduces a Surface Mount 5 X 7 mm VC-TCXO Called the CTV7.
Aug 2001 PG-3000---the Standard of the Future in Field Programming.

Wayne, NJ—August 27, 2001—Get ready to experience the new wave in field programmers. Cardinal Components, the company that has consistently been a leading innovator in the manufacturing of crystal and oscillator parts, is unveiling its latest innovation—The PG-3000.

“Product-of-the-Year-Winner” in January 2001, Cardinal Components, Inc., the same company that brought you the PG-2000P and the world’s first Field Instantly Programmable Oscillator (FIPO), has now developed a new and exciting field programmer, which has the ability to programFIPO, and the CPP Series, the CPPL Series, and the new Dual FIPO (CPPD) line of programmable oscillators.

Additionally, the PG-3000 is simple to use and is low cost. First, it has been made for use with a computer. Second, it is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000 systems. Lastly, the PG-3000 will come with a USB connector, facilitating setup. Just plug it in the USB port, install its software driver and you’re ready to go! The PG-3000 sells for $495. The PG-3000--Plenty of power and flexibility for any engineering environment.

Cardinal’s PG-3000 is flexible, portable, easy to use, and fast (programs in seconds). It can be set to program frequencies from 1 to 133 MHz out to 7 digits of accuracy, outputs in either CMOS or TTL , voltages in 2.7, 3.3 and 5.0 volts, and it accommodates full-size, half-size, and SMD, and plastic oscillator parts with optional adapter up to 133Mhz frequency. The PG-3000 is software upgradeable, so obsolescence is a thing of the past. Look for the PG-3000 to continue transforming the oscillator business and driving the paradigm shift in the industry with a set of new standards for oscillators and user-friendly programming tools.

You can learn more about Cardinal Components, Inc., and the company’s products by visiting or by contacting James Magos at 973-785-1333 ext 505.

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