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Cardinal maintains competitive prices of its Crystals, Oscillators, TCXO, VCXO, and Programmable Products by manufacturing in Cardinal's high-volume manufacturing facilities in the Far East. Cardinal also has automated programming centers in many locations of the world utilizing automated robotic programmers. These centers are either Cardinal's or partnered with one of our distributors.


Our Crystals range from 32 Khz to 155.52 MHz Fundamental. Our Oscillators range from 1 MHz to 622.08 MHz. Our FIPO Programmable Products range from 1 to 200 MHz out to > 6 digits of accuracy. All (CPPL,CPPD, CPPFX,CPPE,CPPV) Programmable Products manufactured by Cardinal have < 60 ps Pk to Pk Jitter at 1 million cycles and < 8 ps RMS Jitter at 1 million cycles. Cardinal TCXO and VCXO product achieve the highest frequency range from 1 to 200 MHZ.


Cardinal offers all the industry standard packages for Crystals, Oscillators, TCXO and VCXOs. In addition, Cardinal offers some very innovative leading edge packages, for instance like our CX325 crystal that is 3.2 x 2.5 mm and our CPP-5 programmable oscillator that is 5 x 3.2 mm. Cardinal also offers a TCXO and a VC-TCXO that is in a 5 X 3.2 mm package.


Performance is viewed as product, package and on-time delivery.

On Time Delivery:

Cardinal's delivery lead times are the most competitive in the crystal components industry. Cardinal prides itself on its on-time report card from its customers achieving >95 % on time delivery. In addition, Cardinal's programmable Oscillator line can turn samples in minutes, pilot production in 24 hours, and full production in 5 workdays.


Certified ISO-9001:2000 by QEC, Cardinal is committed to providing the highest quality products, technical support, and superior service to our customers.


Our engineering staff can answer your questions, as well as provide design aid for both new and existing products. We offer flexible delivery programs, such as JIT and stocking for orders, so supply problems are eliminated.

The Cardinal difference is more than just our range of products or our technical capabilities. Steadfast, reliable performance, competitive price, on-time delivery, and leadership product innovation is what sets us apart.

Directions to Cardinal Components, Inc.

Cardinal Components, Inc. is located at 19013 36th Ave W in Lynnwood, WA

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